Saltzman, Ph.D.

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Voiceprints of Emotional Expression

Excerpts of four climactic screams of basic emotions, a) pain (intense need) & b) fear &
c) anger & d) assertive right-to-joy   

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a) spoken “I’m angry” & b) “I’m angry,” roared.
Voiceprints are also known as contour spectrograms. Voiceprints are a way of showing sounds visually. The following are of a type known as contour spectograms.

These Voiceprints are from my Monograph published by KayPentax. Frequency (pitch) is higher on the vertical (Y-) axix. Time passes in .1 seconds on the horizontal (X-) axis. The darker the louder. On website the dark places may (alas) merge gradations of dark gray regions. If interested in this work, contact me at eMail address below.