The Self: Ideal Nurture and Real-Life Wounds

Integration of Character is the Best Therapy

Emotions and Choice 

Dysfunctional Emotions and Sadomasochism

Repair of the Self

Overview of Paths in Bio Psychotherapy  

Eliciting and Validating Expression

Confrontation and Paracatastasis

Assertion and the Sense of Self

Working with Dreams, Early Memories, and Fantasies 

Early Emotions and Supportive Holding

Repair of Trauma

Restructuring Dysfunctional Attitudes, Patterns of Expectation & Behavior

Overcoming Sexual Disorders

Changing Orientation in Love

Couple Therapy  

Emotional Group Therapy 

Origins of Human Traits 

A Brief History of Screaming in Therapy   

Physical Setting  

Issues Covered In


Saltzman, Ph.D.

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I have been a psychotherapist for 44 years. I taught Anatomy & Physiology and my own course in Evolution, and demonstrated my therapy at New York University, City University of New York, The New School, and Downstate Medical, State University of New York. 

THE GOOD SCREAM is the first book describing in detail how bringing out fear, pain (love hunger) and anger in a supportive environment heals at depths unreachable in other modalities. You are welcome to use these methods to augment your present approach.


Publications by Nolan Saltzman

  • THERAPY WARS, acclaimed by Distinguished Prof. A. A. Arnold as “A tour de force unique in the annals of psychotherapy” was chosen book-of-the-month of two professional book clubs.
  • Nine journal articles
  • Chapters in two books on therapy
  • 14 Clinical Exchanges in the international journal JIEP. I sent vignettes of a patient (disguised in superficial details) to sets of four or five of the world’s most respected therapists, who outlined the therapy they would undertake with the patient. Then, they commented on each other’s treatment plans. 62 eminent therapists participated.
  • A monograph on emotional vocalization 
Nolan Saltzman, Ph.D.
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