“THE GOOD SCREAM™ is a seminal work!

"It shows how freeing fundamental expressive drives heals early wounds and leads to cognitive awareness in therapy for a wide range of neuroses and character disorders.

"Dr. Saltzman’s deep understanding of psychoanalytic principles lends subtlety and wisdom to his clinical examples. His clearly articulated procedures reach the depths of the human psyche. THE GOOD SCREAM™ emphasizes support when eliciting expression of buried pain, fear and rage. Dr. Saltzman’s compassionate approach is aligned with the best of modern ego-psychology.”

             Review By:

Victoria Morrow, M.D.
Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology and Adult Psychoanalysis
Past President & Faculty: Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis
​Yale School of Medicine: Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Saltzman, Ph.D.

Al Mahrer, Ph.D.

Chosen Psychologist of the Year of the American Psychology Association, Prof. Mahrer has a team that listens to tapes of therapy sessions to determine what works. A client of Dr. Saltzman taped her sessions. Prof. Mahrer requested two tapes. Here is his response:

“My research team is finishing up with the first tape. We found four places where the team thought there were truly impressive changes. And we spent weeks studying those four places.

“I just finished listening to your second tape. Damn, you are good, and your methods are so different. I know they will slide into what I do. It is a pleasure learning from you. Someday I can tell you how and why you are a great therapist!”

APA Psychologist-of-the-Year Comments on my Therapy